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Acorn Music

Voice Coaching from the Irish Tradition
Meet Wes

Meet Wes

Vocal Coach and Traditional Song Tutor

With my mother’s life-long encouragement, I have been singing ever since. The strong, Traveller way of singing has been a central influence on my own style. My wider family roots lie in the West and North of Ireland: Kerry; Clare; Galway; Donegal; Derry/Londonderry and into Tyrone. Family connections to the Gaeltacht have meant I always loved Sean-nós singing from Connemara. I encourage traditional performance which enables a singer to connect deeply to the song, and to portray its message fully and honestly.


As well as being fortunate enough to have a rich musical background, I have also taught and set modules at undergrad and post-grad level, which might give you some indication of my love of research, teaching and attention to detail. In the delivery of my music lessons- whether individually or in groups - I aim to get to the core of a person’s voice by exploring their authentic vocal tone, their character and often their family heritage.


I offer a high-support, high-challenge teaching environment for beginners and through to accomplished musicians with the aim of getting the best from each voice for pure enjoyment, personal enrichment and for public performance.


All Britain Finalist - Traditional Ballad Singing:    Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann

Traditional Song Tutor:                                             Hibernia Centre Bristol

Song and Technique Tutor:                                     Bath Traditional Music Summer School

Song Session Leader:                                               Bath Folk Festival

Sean Nós and Ballad Tutor                                      Pat Molloy Festival

Winner - Traditional Singing Féile 2021               Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann


Attended Irish World Academy for Music and Dance, University of Limerick.

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Wesley Robinson Irish Song Tutor

One of my very first memories is standing between elder's feet and looking up at singers, crammed in a gleaming Vickers caravan.

Why Traditional Singing

Why Traditional Singing?

What can it do for me


Understand how your heritage and upbringing can shape your tonal vocabulary.


Accepting your capacity and acknowledging your ability. Working from where you are.


The process of discovering barriers to your singing, allowing the depth of writing to speak to you and using melody within the Irish tradition is often very profound for my students.


Finding courage.

Not fearing rejection when a song is, eventually, your own.


Connect to the essence of a song with research, discussion and guided, varied practice.


How will your production of song stand alongside existing examples? Compare and understand the

tradition alongside modern, commercial interpretation.



“Very moving, powerful

and more emotional than I expected.”

-Amateur Singer


All my lessons are now provided online and can be arranged outside office hours

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The Leap
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Diverse Group Cheering

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